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El lápiz de dibujo The Eye

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We are all born in an artist inside whether you can draw well or not.

A good artist expresses himself/ herself through his/her drawing. We all have our own perspectives on art. When we got older and older, all the work piles up and your time becomes less and less. You know your aspiration in art is on fire in your heart but you don't know how to start.

Life is too short for excuses. Pick up our sketching pencils and ignite your inner fire.

"One must always draw, draw with the eyes, when one cannot draw with a pencil." Balthus

See the world through your eyes and our pencils. There is no good or bad art. Art is the moment we express the way we see our life. Escape your hectic schedule and busy life for a while. Dive into our beautiful art world. Experience art with us with our pencils dedicated just for you. Share your creativity and inspire others.

Details of the products

Embossed Logo

 On the top of the tube are embossed with our signature logo.

Signature Logo

Signature logo is imprinted on the top of each pencil.
The pink version pencils are imprinted in rose gold; whereas, the dark gray version is imprinted in silver.

Embossed Stroke Pattern

Unique pencil stroke pattern is embossed onto the bottom part of the tube. It gives the tube a delicate hand feel.

Selected Grades

This set includes the most used grades of pencils. One set can last a long way without wasting because most of us don’t use all shades of grades.

Genuine Incense Cedar Wood

The wood is imported from California's sustainable forest in USA.
Incense cedar wood is lightweight and has a strong resistance to withstand the variations in temperature and humidity. It protects the pencils over time. Moreover, it also has a spicy aromatic odor.
What's more, cedar wood can help the sharpening process evenly and easily.

High Quality Lead

We know it is frustrated to artists who experience breaking lead constantly while drawing.
The lead is highly break-resistant. It helps artists have a smooth drawing experience. With the soft core, artists can blend their artwork easily.

"I love the quality of pencil. It helps me to get to the core of a thing." Andrew Wyeth



This set of sketching pencils from the package to the pencil itself uses the recyclable materials. The wood of the pencils is from a sustainable forest.

Perfect for Beginners to Experts 

Whether you are a newbie in drawing or professional for ages, this one set is dedicated for you. It s great for any artist of any skill level, especially for people who just don’t know what they’re looking for in a pencil.

Love Drawing Again

Falling in love with drawing and art is our mission of us creating these set. Even you haven't drawn for a while, you want to pick the pencils up and practise more.

High-quality Materials

We understand quality is the first when it comes to art supplies. High-quality art supplies can not only help you draw excellent art but also you can use them in a long term.