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Desde un diseñador de bolsos hasta un amante del arte que lleva la conciencia ambiental a través sus materiales artísticos. Tenemos 3 valores fundamentales (alta calidad, estética, ecología) para crear materiales de arte.


Aesthetic yet high-quality

A place where you can find aesthetic yet high-quality art supplies, stationery and hot foil stamping machines.


When she was little, she always dreamt of being an artist. Every Saturday at 5 pm, she rarely missed an art program named Ark Attack. She was hooked on it without a doubt. Most of the adults back then didn’t advocate their children to be an artist as it couldn’t bring you bread and butter but she knows drawing is her lifelong passion.

As time goes by, American’s Next Top Model and Project Runway had become the talk of the town. Serene was inspired by them and aspired to become a fashion designer. That’s how her design journey starts.


In the fashion designing study program, there was a course named Fashion Illustration, where Serene needed to learn contemporary fashion drawing. It ignited her passion for drawing again. Her teacher taught her lots of drawing media. They are not just graphite pencils, colored pencils, and poster colors that she learned in primary school. She didn't know there are much more like markers and watercolor. It opened her eyes.

She then has tried lots of different drawing media. She found that most of the art supplies look boring. The quality is shoddy if the products look good. She wants to change the fact of it and creates aesthetic yet high-quality art supplies for art lovers like her. She dreams that every one could feel the fun of drawing while using the art supplies wherever they are. 


In her first job, Serene got into a fast-fashion handbag agency. She learned that bad-quality and fast-fashion products do lots of harm on our planet. Through the development process, let alone the ungreen and non-eco-friendly materials they use, she required to make lots of samples for her clients to choose from. After the season ended, they had to throw away all the unwanted and out-of-season products. The products are prone to be worn-out and not long-lasting.

Likewise, in art supplies, most of the products in the market do not meet the standard. The color of watercolor or colored pencils are not vivid or vibrant enough. The graphite from the pencils can break easily. The wood is not easy to sharpen. Not to mention the unpleasant and vexatious experience you may have. They are most likely to end up in the landfill.

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Only use good-quality materials to make our products so you will have a smooth experience while creating your art.



Drawing is fun. Add extra fun and feel excited to draw with good-looking art supplies.



With long-lasting and good-quality products, you reduce the waste of unwanted or bad-quality products to the landfill.

Let's draw together and inspire your friends with your artwork!

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