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YInMn Blue PB86 Standard



In 2009, it was discovered by Professor Mas Subramanian and his graduate student, Andrew E. Smith. 

They concluded that the increased UV absorbance and stability in outdoor weathering and heat buildup tests demonstrate that YInMn blue is superior to Cobalt Blue (CoAl2O4).

YInMn Blue, also known as Oregon Blue or Mas Blue. The pigment is based on an oxide made of Yttrium(Y), Indium (In), and Manganese (Mn). The YInMn name is just shorthand for that. It is also fairly easy to say ‘Yin-min’ Blue.

YInMn Blue is chemically stable, does not fade, and is non-toxic. 

**When using binders to make the pigments into paints, the color may vary

Pigment: Synthetic
Light Fastness: 8/8
Suitable for:
• oil paints
• acrylics
• tempera
• gouache
• murals
• watercolors