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Simple Aurora Nortern Light Sky Watercolor Painting Tutorial | L'oeil

Simple Aurora Nortern Light Sky Watercolor Painting Tutorial | L'oeil

Simple Aurora Nortern Light Sky Watercolor Painting Tutorial | L'oeil

In this drawing journey, we take you to Lenvik, Norway, and paint the aurora sky together.

We did make a mistake while drawing the sky. Be sure not to miss it, and learn from it.

Wet on Wet Technique 

It means that you apply the paints on wet paper. This can create a soft edge and color graduation. It is uncertain where will two colors go when they mixed together. When it is dry, the colors appear blurry. 

This technique is best for drawing the sky, sea, and background.

There are 2 crucial tips you need to be aware of:

1: Test the colors first


We will not have much time when we mix the colors you want while the paper is wet. You may not create the effect you want in your painting.

The good thing is that you could also see how the colors will appear when the bleed blends together.

2: Wet the paper

Some artists may not get the result they want because there are 2 issues when you wet the paper.

First, the paper is too wet. When the paper contains too much water, the paints could not flow evenly. Therefore, you would not get a smooth result. Some paints will leave spotty.

Second, the paper is too dry. When the paper is dry, it doesn’t allow the paints to glide or move on the paper. Our first instinct will add more water to make the paint evenly, right? What will happen if we do it? Some of the paints will take out and you will get a harsh edge. It really doesn’t look well.


This is the mistake I made. You can see the dark blue paint doesn’t go well on the right up corner. If you want to make the area darker, make sure you add more paint while the paper is still wet.


When the details are added. You can splash white paint to create the stars in the sky.

To learn more, you can check out the video below.

Art supplies & tools we used:
1. Mellow Art Watercolour Sketching Journal - 300gsm watercolor paper
2. Holbein Artist's Watercolors Set of 24 5ml Tubes W405
W063 Cobalt Green
W066 Permanent Green No.1
3. Schmincke Horadam Aquarell Half-Pan Paint Metal Set, Set of 24 Colors

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