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DIY Foil Art & Prints - How to use foil into your artworks and more?

DIY Foil Art & Prints - How to use foil into your artworks and more?

DIY Foil Art & Prints - How to use foil into your artworks and more?

I beg you agree that foil can enhance every boring item to the next level of luxury. It’s common to see some notebooks, cards, and posters with some foil on top of it.  (We also use foil to customize and stamp your name on our pencils and more) What if you can seal everything with gold, including your artwork.

There are lots of ways you can do it. In this article, we will talk about 3 trending ways to add gold foil.

1.Foil with Glue

This method is good for applying to small areas, like a specific place on your artwork. Since the areas are quite small and particular, I found some very cool glues which help you get your art done. They are Kuretake Colored 2-way glue pens. They provide different tip sizes. One is as small as a pen. The color of the glue is light blue but it turns normal when it is oxidized. What's more, the stickiness is promising. You can even make some glitter calligraphy art with them.

If the area is big, you can try to spray the area with Elmers's adhesive spray glue

Trim the foil and place the foil face up over the glue. 


Since the foil is so fragile, I don’t recommend using anything objects to smoothen it. It will only damage it. I made my mistake when I use it on my artwork. Then I do some trial on paper. I found that the best result is not to touch it after you place the foil in place until the glue is dry. You can slightly press the areas though. If you’re not sure whether it’s dry, just wait for hours. I also found that liquid glue works better than a solid glue stick. Finally, peel the foil off slowly. Oh my, isn’t it beautiful? I feel so excited to see the result.

Some tips when you use glue:
- Don’t use anything trying to smoothen the foil. You can press the areas a bit. Because when the surface is wet, the paper and foil are very fragile. Then, you will destroy them both.

- Be patient. Just let it dry totally. The best result will show, and you will be amazed by it.


2. Foil Your Prints with a Laminator

This method is best for art prints. You may see lots of artists on Instagram layering gold or metallic foil over their original prints.

You may require some tools and machines to get the outcome done.

  • Laminator
  • Foil
  • A Laser printer (It won’t work with an ink-jet printer.)

The foil comes off in 2 ways. One is using heat, and another is using glue. When the areas are printed by a laser printer, the areas will get warm so that the foil will stick onto the prints.

Step 1: Print your prints in a monograms tone with a laser printer. Meanwhile, let the laminator heat up until it’s ready.

Step 2: Cut out the foil and cover the image entirely with the color upwards.

Step 3: Feed your print and foil together through the laminator.

Step 4: When it’s cool down, you can gently peel back the foil! Viola!!


If you are looking for a laminator, you can buy one produced by Amazon. The machine handles paper up to 9 inches wide. You can also change the heat setting for different thicknesses.


3. Personalize your Notebooks, Cards and more with a Hot Stamping Machine

This method is also using heat. For this method, you may need a hot stamping machine and a mold with your customized logo or even some fonts.

It sounds like hefty spending on doing this foil art. However, if you want to give a card, letter, or even a note with your personalized name logo to your besties. It can go a long way.

Imagine that it’s an excitement when the receiver got your gift with your logo stamp with foil on top, right?


 Making your foil art is REAL fun. To exhilarate your work of art, we have lots of options on foil that you can put on your cart.

Try this with us and tag your results on our social media networks.

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