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Red Ochre #4


PR102 CI#77491

The earliest evidence of ancient humans using ochre dates to the Paleolithic, about 285,000 years ago, at a Homo erectus site called GnJh-03 in Kenya. 

Red Ochre is a natural clay pigment. It is a mixture of varying amounts of clay and sand, consists of silica and clay owing its color to iron oxide.  Red Ochre takes its reddish color from the mineral hematite, which is an anhydrous iron oxide. 

• from Andalusia

There are different types of red ochre, we produce the following:
• Red Ochre #1
• Red Ochre #2
• Red Ochre #3
• Red Ochre #4
• Red Ochre Sinopia
• Burnt Red Ochre
• Red Ochre
• Red Ochre Armenia
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**When using binders to make the pigments into paints, the color may vary.

Pigment: Natural
Light Fastness: 8/8
Suitable for: • oil paints
• acrylics
• tempera
• gouache
• murals
• watercolors