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Grape Seed Black


PBk 8 CI#77268

Grape Seed Black is a fine and smooth cool black pigment made from carbonized grape seeds. As a pigment, it is genuine and has a bluish-black appearance. It is suitable for use in various artistic mediums, including Tempera, Watercolor/Gouache, Oil, Acrylics, and Lime/Fresco.

The pigment has a unique quality of not exhibiting visible structure after carbonization, which is advantageous for creating a consistent black color in various applications

In terms of lightfastness, Grape Seed Black demonstrates excellent stability with ratings of 8 across thinned, medium, and concentrated applications, with 1 being poor and 8 being the best possible rating. This indicates that the color is very resistant to fading or discoloration when exposed to light.

Additionally, Grape Seed Black does not granulate and is not staining, but it does offer transparency. These characteristics make it a versatile and desirable pigment for artists who are looking for a high-quality black with specific properties for their work.

**The color may vary when using binders to make the pigments into paints.

Read more here to understand how to handle toxic pigments.

Pigment: N/A
Light Fastness: 8/8
Suitable for:
• oil paints
• acrylics
• tempera
• gouache
• Thangka
• watercolors