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Coprolite (Mineral) - Artist Grade Handmade Honey Based Watercolor Paint Full Pan 3.2ml


• Classic plastic pan (3.2ml full pan)

Coprolite, derived from the Greek words "kopros" (meaning "dung") and "lithos" (meaning "stone"), refers to fossilized feces from animals. These unique relics are composed primarily of phosphates, calcium, silicates, and a small amount of organic matter.

Notably, coprolites do not emit a foul odor like modern feces; instead, they possess an earthy scent akin to rocks.

Made from the mineral - Coprolite. No additional pigment was added.

Light Fastness: 7/8

Handmade watercolor may not look nice as factories make it. We aim to make highly pigmented and flowy watercolors. Flowy watercolor lets you create layers in watercolor, nice loose paintings, and much more.

Each of them is handmade in Hong Kong using our selected, high-quality pigment and gum arabic solution which is made from distilled water, gum arabic powder from France, glycerine, and honey.