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How To Draw V From BTS | Quick Sketching Time-lapse Tutorial

How To Draw V From BTS | Quick Sketching Time-lapse Tutorial

How To Draw V From BTS | Quick Sketching Time-lapse Tutorial

We were looking for some motivational quotes and one of our beloved followers gave me a quote from V (Kim Tae-hyung), a South Korean singer-songwriter, composer, producer, actor, and singer of BTS. We were thinking why not teach our followers how to draw him?

We believe a good artist knows the proportion or scale of how our face construct. We saw lots of people teaching others how to draw by dividing a picture into grids and learners draw the character or images by following the grids to draw outlines.

It is easy for beginners who don't know how to start but in a long term, you barely know to draw properly without grids. From this video, even it's not a long video, you would see how we draw easily from the start.


I usually roughly draw the silhouette of the face and draw a line for the eyes. If eyes are tilted, so does the line you draw.

Based on the nose, we separated 3 parts equally on the line. Since V is looking at 3/7 angel, his left eye right appears smaller and we need to mark the end of his right eye.

timelapse-short-video-tutorial-drawing-sketching-bts-v-Kim Tae-hyung-korean-boy-band-00

00:39 How to draw nose and lips?

I drew some guilding lines to help me locate the nose and lips.
timelapse-short-video-tutorial-drawing-sketching-bts-v-Kim Tae-hyung-korean-boy-band-01

00:53 Adjust the shape of the face

At this point, we need to modify the shape better. Then, we can draw the ear and the shape of hair.

Personally, I do not like drawing hair because it is time-consuming. I would draw the shape of the hair instead.

timelapse-short-video-tutorial-drawing-sketching-bts-v-Kim Tae-hyung-korean-boy-band-02

To see our tutorial in action, click on the play at below video.

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