Invitation to Join Us on a Progress and New Project on Kickstarter

Invitation to Join Us on a Progress and New Project on Kickstarter

Invitation to Join Us on a Progress and New Project on Kickstarter

Kickstarter spread love stationery pencil high quality crowdfunding

For us, the Earth is a happy planet that we share together as a whole.
Seeing all those hatred, racism, inequality, violence and much much more, it's very disheartening.

Love should be universal.

We are thinking about what can we do as a company?

We make products to inspire artists to draw and connect more to their inner selves. What we can do to make it better and share the words of love?

Therefore, we create this project. We have an initial idea BUT we need your help to get the idea to become reality.


kickstarter crowdfund pencil new project

Holding a beautiful pencil, we can imagine the many ways to express love.
A teacher, holding the student's hand with love, teaching him/her to write;
A poet, writing a love letter for someone special, or the world;
An artist, sketching things they love with a simple pencil, and much more.

Our love is without border and limit. How would you express your love?

About the product:

The product will be a set of 12 HB pencils. At this moment, we could not disclose all the details of the design. When we are getting close to people join us, we will fully disclose to you all. That's why your help in spreading words to others makes a big impact to push the project release faster.

One thing we could promise is that the pencil's design is enticing and when the project is successfully funded, we will donate 30% of our profit to help our community.

Details of a set of pencil:
• 12 pcs of HB pencils
• With eraser on top
• Phenomenal design (not ordinary so it's costly to open mold to customize)
• With a wooden box 
• Free shipping internationally
• You could choose to stamp on the pencils.


After it's funded, we will give 15% of our profit to charity to support anyone in need. We hope to spread our love across the globe.


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